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Possessive Adjectives with Examples

Possessive Adjectives with Examples

What Are Possessive Adjectives?

Possessive adjectives are basically the following words: my, your, his, her, its, our, your, and their. They are used to talk about ownership or possession of something.

Examples of Possessive Adjectives:

Possessive Adjectives Or Possessive Pronouns?

Possessive adjectives are often confused with possessive pronouns.
To avoid this mistake, consider the following table that helps to distinguish them:

Subject Pronouns I You He She It We You They
Possessive Adjectives My Your His Her Its Our Your Their
Pronouns Mine Yours His Hers Its Ours Yours Theirs

More Examples:

Types of Pronouns:

Compare the possessive adjectives with the rest of other pronouns using the following table:

Personal pronouns Possessive adjectives Possessive pronouns Reflexive pronouns Object pronouns
I My Mine Myself Me
You Your Yours Yourself You
He His His Himself He
She Her Hers Herself Her
It Its Its Itself It
We Our Ours Ourselves Us
You Your Yours Yourselves You
They Their Theirs Themselves Them

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