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Quantifiers in English with examples

Quantifiers in English with examples

What are Quantifiers?

Quantifiers are grammatical words that are usually placed before a noun to express the amount or quantity of an object. The most used quantifier words are some, many, a lot of, and a few. Quantifiers can be used with both countable and uncountable nouns.

Types of Quantifiers

Types of quantifiers can describe:

  • Large quantities: a lot, much, many.
  • Small quantities: a little, a bit, a few.
  • Undefined quantities: some, any.
  • Sufficient amount: enough, plenty.


1- Using Much, Many, or a Lot Of:

  • There are many stars in the sky.
  • We have a lot of money, so we can buy anything.
  • Many people prefer to take public transportation.
  • Much of what makes up fruit is just water.
  • He was playing soccer for a lot of time.

2- Using a Few, A Little, or A Bit (of)

  • We need a few minutes before the game starts.
  • Would you like a little sugar in your tea?
  • They had a few cookies for breakfast.
  • These trees need a little of watering.

3- Using Some or Any

  • We have some clothes to give to poor people.
  • She didn’t like any restaurant that we visited.
  • Do they need any help?
  • I went to some strange city in my dream.
  • Will there be any people at your house tonight?

4- Using Enough or Plenty (of)

  • There is plenty of food for everyone.
  • Slow down we have plenty of time to get to the party.
  • I think we have enough food for dinner.
  • We don’t have enough fruits, let’s buy some.

Asking Questions using Quantifiers:

  • How many times have you visited Paris?
  • How many people did you invite to the wedding?
  • How many balloons do we need?
  • How much time we still have?
  • How much water do you drink per day?
  • How much gas do we need for the trip?
  • How much do these oranges cost?
  • How much does this dress cost?
  • How much do those glasses cost?

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