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Future Perfect Examples

Future Perfect Examples

What is the Future Perfect?

The future perfect describes finished actions in the future. It used to project ourselves in an event that will be completed sometime later than now.

When do we use future perfect?

1- Two Actions in the future

We use the future perfect to talk about events in which one will start and continued until another in some point in the future:

2- Before an Unknown Time in the Future

We also use this tense when we talk about actions that will finish before an unknown time in the future. We usually use the word “by”.

How do we use future perfect?

To form the future perfect use the following:

Will have + Past participle.

For regular verbs the past participle is: -ed.

For irregular past participles: check irregular verbs table.

The positive forms of the future perfect.

The negative forms of the future perfect.

The question forms of the future perfect.

’Yes / no’ questions:

Ask Future Perfect Questions ’Wh’

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