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This That These and Those, Demonstratives

This That These and Those, Demonstratives

What Are Demonstrative Determiners?

Demonstrative determiners are grammatical function words which help define the relationship between noun or pronoun with the speaker, and they are well known through the use of this, that, these, and those.

Demonstrative Determiners Words


As shown in the examples above, demonstratives come before a noun and they are called demonstrative adjectives. They always follow this formula:

Demonstrative adjectives + noun.

Now, consider the following examples:

From these examples we can learn that demonstrative can replace nouns, just like a pronoun, therefore they are called demonstrative pronouns. In other words, they follow this pattern:

Demonstrative adjectives – noun ➜ Demonstrative pronouns.

More examples:

Demonstrative Adjectives:

Demonstrative Pronouns:

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