Interjection in English with examples.

Interjection in English with examples.e

What is an Interjections?

By definition, an interjection is a part of speech in English it is an exclamatory word or a phrase, which used to express emotions and strong feelings. Interjections can be used to convey hesitation or protest, and an exclamation mark usually follows them.

Interjections examples:

On the table below, we are going to look at a variety of interjections along with examples for each:

Type of Interjections EXAMPLES
Hmm She is clever then all of us.
Um “Um, I don’t know if I like the color.”
Err “New Delhi is the capital of..err... India!”
Alas “Alas, my funds have some limitations”
Dear “Oh dear, I’ve broken the light.”
Ah “Ah, what a lovely baby!”
Aha “Aha, it was a fox.”
Tut tut “Tut tut, Jack, you disappointed me, you really do”
Tsk tsk “So you were out drinking again last night were you? Tsk tsk!”
Hmph “Don’t blame me. It is your fault. Hmph!”
Huh “Try to understand.” “Huh! What is there to understand”
Oy “Oy, my legs hurt”
Hey “Hey! Look out!” Shouted Patty.
Help “Help! I’m going to fall.”
Ah “Ah! I have hurt my toe.”
Uh-oh “Uh-oh, I think the bear is inside the house”
Oh no “Oh no! Did I leave my keys in the car?”
Oh “Oh, I am not going to die, am I?”
Oops “Oops! I almost spilled the coffee”
Aw “Aw it’s a shame. I can’t make it”.
Ahem “Ahem, can I make a suggestion?”
Er “I don’t me call my boss.”
Ouch “Ouch! That really hurts”
Oww “Oww, I hit my thumb”
Oh “Oh! I’ve got a toothache”
Yuck “Yuck! This peanut butter is disgusting”
Ugh “That guy is so stupid, Ugh, I can.t stand his idiocy”
Er “Er, this apple is rotten”
Oh “Oh! What a nice view.”
Eek “Eek! It moved!”
Yikes “Yikes, my mother’s home!”
Ooh “Ooh, what a lovely dress!”
Wow “Wow! I never know that.”
Eh “So that was all what she said, eh?”
Well “Well, so she got a job?”
Really “She’s resigned.” “Really?” Are you sure?
Hurray “We’ve done it! Hurrah!”
Yippee “Yippee! We won, let’s head to the bar”
Ha “Ha! So I’m right after all”
Whoopee “Whoopee! It’s the holidays!”
Woo hoo “Whoopee! It’s the holidays”
Hooray “Hooray! Our team won”
Yeah “Yeah, I’d love some orange juice”
Mmm “Mm, This ice cream is delicious”
Phew “I didn’t do my homework, but the teacher didn’t check. Phew!”
Whaa “Whew! I can’t believe we actually finished it all ”
Whaa “Whoa, take it easy, calm down!”
Blah “Blah! Why can’t I get this computer to work”
Ho-hum “Look at all this paperwork. Ho-hum”

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