Future Continuous With Examples

Future Continuous With Examples

The future continuous is a verb that indicates that something will happen in the future and continue on an expected time. This tense is used for different purposes, such as guessing about future events, projections of ourselves into the future, or even about events that happen now and are expected to continue to some period in time.


1 – The future continuous is used to talk about ourselves in the future:

2- This tense can be used for predictions about the future. For examples

3 – The future continuous is also used to ask for information about the future.

4 - When expecting thing to happen in the future you can use the future continuous.

5. The future continuous tense can be combined with the adjective “still” to reflect events that are happening now and expected to continue on in the future. For instance:


The future continuous is formed in two parts:

Subject +simple future of the verb "to be" +present participle
You will be reading
I will be Studying

Let’s see how the verb “to study” is formed in the affirmative, negative, interrogative, and negation forms.

Affirmative Negative Interrogative Negative interrogative
I will be studying. I won't be studying. Will I be studying? Won't I be studying?
You will be studying. You won't be studying. Will you be studying? Won't you be studying?
He will be studying. He won't be studying. Will he be studying? Won't he be studying?
She will be studying. She won't be studying. Will she be studying? Won't she be studying?
It will be studying. It won't be studying. Will it be studying? Won't it be studying?
I have been studying I have not been studying I have been studying I have not been studying
We will be studying. We won't be studying. Will we be studying? Won't we be studying?
They will be studying. They won't be studying. Will they be studying? Won't they be studying?

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